You didn’t ask for it, but you’re getting it anyway: a resident’s top 25 reasons Norwich is a good spot to be in 2022.

1. Quick: when’s the last time you locked your house?

2. Fifty-degree temperature swings in 24 hours. Better to love it than hate it!

3. The publicly funded portion of the library’s budget passed with more than 90% of the vote last March. What a nice way to answer the question, “Are we for or against reading?” 

4. Admit it: during the Norwich Fair, you kind of feel like you, personally, are part of hosting a party in your town.

5. Both Hazen and Huntley Streets are horseshoes. Giddyup.

6. King Arthur Baking Company has got your last-minute gift, cup of coffee, and artisanal bread all in one spot.

7. When you live here, you learn to navigate the Farmer’s Market with a local’s skill: secret parking spots, free samples from your favorite vendors, knowledge of where your food comes from and what to do with it.

8. The bird’s eye view of the autumn foliage from Gile Mountain fire tower is tough to beat.

9. When you walk the block, you are guaranteed to wave to people you know. Every time.

10. A pizza pulled fresh and hot from the community oven bursts with cooking’s two most important ingredients: patience and love.

11. Sample’s Jump: You either know what that is, or you don’t, but regardless, it’s cool to have in your town.

12. Ever heard someone say, “I hate having a locally owned bookstore in my town.”? Didn’t think so.

13. Main Street festooned with flags on a holiday.

14. Nearly New Sale, 19 Days of Norwich, concerts on the Green, pancake breakfasts, ice skating parties, Bike to School Day, the Pageant, Lego Tuesdays, Town Meeting, Citizen of the Year galas, the Turkey Trot…a scratch for every itch.

15. Carpenter Street on Halloween will deliver your annual fix for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.

16. Seeing people in black tie on a Saturday afternoon in September, gathered in the center of 05055, nerves and passions aflame, and having the wherewithal to realize that those people had chosen to come HERE to the place where you LIVE to celebrate LOVE. Cue the tissues.

17. We name our important spaces after the people who educate our children: Milton Frye Natural Area, Girard Field, Partridge Hill, Bill Ballard Trail.

18. No matter if you are on the busiest road or on 100 acres, respect of and for privacy are the norm, not the exception.

19. The real fountain of youth is right over there, at the Montshire.

20. Honestly, is it normal to know the names of the people who work at the Transfer Station? Well, when you do, a chore becomes an opportunity to make a human connection. One of them even speaks French! Seems like a good trade.

21. There is an excellent chance we will count a United States Senator in our midst next year.

22. Have you ever noticed how you are friendly with both life-long locals and new arrivals to town? Something ain’t broke.

23. Mother Nature and an army of volunteers have blessed us with stress-relief all over town: Cossingham, Parcel 5, Brookmead, Heyl, Converse Loop… a trail to improve every mood!

24. Apparently, there’s a halfway-decent general store in the village.

25. You. Yes, you. You live here and make this place vibrate with life, optimism, and beauty. Thanks for reading and making so much of the above possible. Here’s to another 25 years of the Norwich Times!