Norah Lake

What is your favorite quote?
“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food; An Eater’s Manifesto

If you could be invisible for a day, where would you be?
In the kitchens of my CSA members, watching them feed our vegetables to their families, and listening to their memories of gardens and cooking from their childhoods.

Wine, beer, martini or tea?
Morning: Earl Grey. Evening: Long Trail

What Disney character would you be and why?
Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, because she is adventurous and inquisitive, and a little bit accident-prone!

What song most describes your life right now?
John Denver’s Thank God I’m a Country [Girl]

What do you love most about living in Vermont?
I am a fourth generation Vermonter, and I love being part of that history. When I am on our farm – planting seeds, feeding the animals, eating sweet corn straight from the stalk, or tinkering on our 1950’s tractor – I feel like I’ve added myself to a long lineage of Vermont agrarians. I also love the Vermont landscape. I’ve had the experience several times recently where I was looking through a friend’s travel photos of some exotic place. As we flip through them on their phone, we come to the end and suddenly pictures of their Vermont home or daily commute pop up, and I can’t help but exclaim that those pictures are just as – or even more –beautiful than the exotic ones!

If you had to give away 50% of your assets today, how/where would you distribute them?
The list serve!

What famous person would you take with you on a world tour?
E.O.Wilson, so he could teach me about the flora and fauna of every place we visited, and help me
zoom in on the small micro-climates and ecosystems that aren’t immediately obvious.

What advice would you give the next generation?
Go outside. Learn a second (and third) language. Don’t quit piano lessons.

Describe Norwich in one word or phrase.
Privileged, in both the best and worst senses of the word, equally.